Bela and Ghi'u Bracelets - Earth

Bela and Ghi'u Bracelets - Earth


Bela and Ghi'u are tenun fabric bracelets using natural color dyes with three adjustable braided ties for tightening on your wrist.


Bela in size M/L for larger wrists and Ghi'u in size S/M for smaller wrists.

part of our new 2020 batch!

These bracelets are handmade by local artisans in Ngada, Flores using traditional motifs.

  • How to Purchase

    Please note we are currently accepting orders through Instagram (via DM),, and the moselo website and app.

  • Product Info

    Note: although the motif design will be similar to the motif shown in the first photo, as these are handmade pieces there may be slight differences between each piece (along with slight color variations). We hope you enjoy this uniqueness as much as we do.

    Please also note that natural dyes do fade some with age (in a graceful but rustic kind of way), particularly if they are receiving a lot of sunlight.