Our Products

Our products are designed collaboratively and inspired by the cultural and natural environment in and around the communities we work with. We hope to bring new and unique takes on fashion and home goods using traditional fabrics and natural materials. All of our tenun accessories are handmade with natural dyes.

Please see our shop page to view our current collection of products. While our stock is currently limited, we are planning our next production run. There will also be an expanded selection of tenun accessories, potentially tenun clothing, and in the future we are looking to add bamboo and wicker products as well.

Tenun ikat is the traditional fabric weaving process in many parts of Eastern Indonesia whereby strands of cotton yarn are tied and immersed in dyes (traditionally natural dyes) and then woven into fabrics using a hand loom. The resulting fabrics are used primarily as shawls,
sarong, and blankets, both in everyday life and for cultural events and ceremonies. Tenun ikat weaving is done almost exclusively by women and is a skill that has been passed down from mothers to daughters for generations. While in many villages in Flores tenun ikat weaving is no longer widely practiced, some villages such as the Ngada villages of Bena, Tololela, and Langa not only continue the tradition but also sell finished fabrics to other villages along with both domestic and international buyers. We believe there is an opportunity develop new ways and new types of products that tenun can be used for, and that this can expand an already growing interest in these fabrics and related traditional products. More importantly however, there is also a huge and important opportunity to involve local communities in the development of these products in ways that develop their capacity and provide them direct access to new markets and networks so that the growth of tenun truly reaches the villages that produce them and so these communities can be increasingly in charge of these processes themselves, and thus their own futures.

We hope customers will connect with the local communities behind these products and their stories. In this way the communities can become vessels for sharing knowledge and experience with both those in their surrounding area and with other consumers and visitors.