How We Work

A business is by default part of the local ecosystem where they operate. Healthy ecosystems sustain themselves through balance and adaptability, and we believe that businesses should play an active role in ensuring this balance. As a social enterprise, MENA wants to help build a sustainable business ecosystem, one that promotes local culture and environment in ways that bring about positive and empowering change for communities in Eastern Indonesia.

We work by bringing together local actors and creative professionals to identify and develop opportunities in local communities. Working thus far with a few villages in Ngada on the island of Flores, we are developing unique local products, supporting resource management programs, capacity building for human resource and product development, business model development, and distribution in local areas and throughout Indonesia.

Our activities are organized along three streams: a) collaboration between designers and local artisans to develop simple but timeless, culturally inspired products that use organic materials and are produced through fair and mutually beneficial means; b) collaboration to develop local tourism activities; and c) capacity building to help communities manage production and tourism-related activities, and building inter-community networks so that good practices can spread through horizontal learning. An additional stream centered around the promotion and development of coffee production in Ngada will be added as we establish a more formal base of operations.