Supporting sustainable cultural tourism in Flores

Helping communities better manage local tourism in their own communities, along with hosting guided cultural trips in collaboration with different villages, with activities tailored according to each village’s traditions, daily practices, and environment.

The district of Ngada, like many areas of Eastern Indonesia, has a rich natural environment and communities’ cultural traditions remain a central part of their lives. Taking a holistic view to MENA’s activities in this environment, we developed the concept of the ‘Experience Journey’ to describe how MENA’s different streams of activities promote and support each other, and how they remain strongly tied to positive change in Ngada. In this Experience Journey, distinctive, locally-produced products directly support local artisans while also promoting the area. These products will also be integrated into local tourism activities as keepsakes and through learning programs focused on the production of local goods. In this way, local production and tourism activities strengthen each other. To promote the continued growth of these processes, MENA will also support knowledge sharing by helping build horizontal learning networks between different communities.

Learn about Ngada
Ngada is a district in the middle of Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara. A mixture of rolling, forested hills and and small coastal towns and islands, Ngada extends from the north to south coast of Flores Island, bordering the district of Nagakeo in the East and East Manggarai in the West. Its foggy capital town of Bajawa capital has an altitude of around 1000 masl. While days often bring warm sunshine, remember to always bring a sweater because cool air often rolls in in the evening. In Bajawa’s distance, you can enjoy views of the grand and imposing active volcano Mount Inerie. A number of villages with traditional architecture and ancient megaliths dot Bajawa’s surroundings and if you are a lover of marine life you can venture to areas like the Riung Islands, a national marine park.

Explore its nature, get to know its people, experience its culture, and make your own unforgettable memories!

See the trip themes page for just some of the different ways you can approach a trip to Ngada.